Venue Policies

Your safety and those in attendance at our celebration is our top priority. All persons who are a guest or participant at this event are subject to the Arizona Board of Regents and University of Arizona rules and regulations, and the Laws of the State of Arizona. For questions or concerns, please contact our team at or (520) 621-3644.

Clear Bag Policy and Metal Detector Screening

The University of Arizona’s 2024 Commencement will enforce game-day rules at all guest entrances including enforcing the clear bag policy and using metal detectors for screening.

All guests must abide by the University’s clear bag policy for entry into the stadium. No large bags, backpacks, or parcels will be permitted. All in-hand items must be placed in the appropriate and approved clear bag. Click here for more information or visit the UA BookStores website to purchase one today!

The following is a list of bags accepted for entry:

  • Bags that are clear plastic or vinyl and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar)
  • Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, after being searched
  • Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection, including but not limited to oxygen tanks, diabetes kits, allergy pens, etc.

Prohibited bags include but are not limited to:

  • Purses larger than a clutch, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, diaper bags, cinch bags, luggage of any kind, long golf umbrellas, cooler bags, computer bags, camera bags
  • Non-approved seat cushions including large traditional seat cushions that have pockets, zippers, compartments or covers
  • Any bag larger than the permissible size, unless credentialed personnel carrying such belonging have been thoroughly searched

Prohibited bags may not be placed in a clear bag in order to gain entry. The clear bag is to be used as a substitute for any bag that appears on the prohibited list. This is not a restriction on items you were previously allowed to bring into our venues; it is only a restriction on the type of container used to carry items. Souvenir cups, unopened water, Kleenex and personal items will all be permitted into the arena if carried in one bag that meets the criteria listed above. Personal items may be enclosed in a small clutch bag, approximately the size of a hand. These small bags will be searched. The no food and beverage policy will remain in effect, however, medically necessary items will be permitted after proper inspection.

Please note:

  • This ceremony will be captioned. Service animals as well as service animals in training are permitted in all venues. If a dog is not trained to perform specific tasks related to a disability and only provides comfort or emotional support, it will not be permitted.
  • The student seating area is restricted to properly credentialed individuals and graduating students only.
  • It is unlawful for a person to consume spirituous liquor from a broken package in a public place, thoroughfare or gathering (ARS Section 4-244).
  • The University is dedicated to providing a healthy environment for those who participate in University activities. In support of this goal, the University prohibits the use of products that contain tobacco or nicotine, which the Food and Drug Administration has identified as an addictive chemical. These products include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic smoking devices (such as e-cigarettes), bidis, kreteks, hookahs, water pipes, and all forms of smokeless tobacco. Littering campus with remains of tobacco or smoking-related products also is prohibited.
  • Should guests experience any discomfort due to the actions of others, please report the incident to a ceremony volunteer or security guard.

Prohibited Items

We are excited you are joining us to celebrate our graduates. Please take a moment to review items prohibited from entry at our celebration. For questions or concerns, please contact our team at or (520) 621-3644. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Signs, posters, banners and flags of any kind
  • Confetti, Flutterfetti, or silly string
  • Balloons or inflatable items, such as beach balls
  • Selfie sticks, poles, monopods, tripods
  • Weapons: guns, ammunition, knives, box cutters
  • Leatherman or similar tools
  • Sharp and/or pointed objects (scissors, knitting needles, etc.)
  • Mace, pepper spray, spray containers, aerosols, or flammable liquids
  • Explosives, fireworks, laser lights, laser pointers
  • Noisemakers or air horns
  • Glass, metal containers, cans, bottles, coolers
  • Oversized umbrellas
  • Personal transportation device (i.e. skateboard, bicycle, hoverboard, etc.) that is not required due to disability
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles, such as drones
  • Any outside food or drink, however, medically necessary items will be permitted after proper inspection
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Parcels, packages, and any items the contents of which are not displayed

Event Management reserves the right to restrict any other items that could pose a safety hazard or restrict the enjoyment of another guest.

Notice of Photographic and Media Recording

When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio recording, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such media recording and its release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, web casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, and inclusion on websites. You further waive all rights you may have to any claims in connection with any exhibition, streaming, web casting, televising, or other publication of these materials, regardless of the purpose or sponsoring of such exhibiting, broadcasting, webcasting, or other publication.